Irrigation Systems


With many years of irrigation experience, Rivetti Landscapes installs the most efficient sprinkler systems in North County San Diego. Throughout the years, we have honed our methods that are best suited for your San Diego County Landscape. Our new, efficient irrigation systems will save you money instantly. Install these new precision sprinklers will save thousands of gallons of water. A new, efficient irrigation system will save you money and keep your yard green!

Rivetti Landscapes uses only the highest quality materials for their yards. We continuously train our crews to install and repair the most modern irrigation systems. In addition, we provide sprinkler repair throughout San Diego County for both Residential & Commercial customers.

Drip Line Irrigation

Drip line systems are just that: they apply the water simply by dripping it slowly down into the soil through a network of pipes, valves, tubing, and emitters. The water soaks into the ground before it can evaporate or run off, as there’s no build-up on the surface. In addition, the water goes where it’s supposed to go, rather than spraying all over the place. And your plants undergo less stress from variations in soil moisture. You can control drip irrigation systems manually or with an automatic timer.

Drain Systems

If your yard is not draining correctly, our team at Rivetti Landscapes can come out and install a new outdoor drainage system. This drainage system allows the water to flow out of your yard.

Concrete drain system repair and construction will solve all problems with standing water on your lawn. Right now, your turf might be plagued by puddles. Say goodbye to a muddy yard forever! All it takes is the proper landscaping, irrigation, and drainage system.


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