Nico Rivetti Owner | Rivette Landscapes San Diego CA

Meet Nico Rivetti

Nico Rivetti is owner and operator of Rivetti Landscapes. Nico’s knowledge for the landscaping industry is built off many years of experience working for the most prestigious landscaping companies in Carmel, Big Sur, and Pebble Beach. His experience executing the designs of Bernard Trainor & Associates and through his work with Habitat Gardens built Nico’s expertise in sustainable, native, and drought tolerant landscaping and greenroofs. Nico’s construction background created a distinct opportunity for him to engage in landscape construction, vegetative rooftops, and full yard renovations.

When he was 29 years old, Nico felt that he had a unique philosophy and work ethic in the landscaping industry, so he decided to start his own company, Rivetti Landscapes. Nico has a strong attention to detail and believes that every project he takes on requires his utmost involvement. People who work with Nico are amazed by the personal touch he brings to the job and his ability to connect with his clients in a professional way.


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